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Our research shows that of the 15.3 million American high schoolers: 50% do not feel prepared for college. 84% want to attend college, but only 68% expect they will. In college, about 80% of students change their major at least once.

By the time they reach college or beyond, it’s too late. Changing majors, changing careers, and trying out different paths after high school is a waste of time, money, and effort. The problem is clear: four brief years of the high school education system is simply not enough to prepare teenagers for college and careers. 

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Why You Should Prepare Yourself With The Best Extracurriculars

As high schoolers, we were terrified of not being properly prepared for college and our future careers. We have to make potentially life-changing choices on what extracurriculars to spend our limited time on, but it doesn’t seem reasonable to put the weight of these decisions on teenagers. We knew that this problem wasn’t unique to just us—this is something that almost every high schooler experiences. Some teenagers have interests in mind but simply don’t have the resources and knowledge to pursue them. Others don’t even have those interests in mind, and yet are expected to apply for college and majors within a few short years.

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Oppordemic offers more than 300 extracurriculars programs with helpful descritption guides as long as direct access to the program's platforms. 

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