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What Is Oppordemic?

As high schoolers, one of our biggest fears is not being prepared for what comes after graduation. Some of us don’t know what we want to do, while others have an idea but don’t have the resources or knowledge to pursue anything seriously. Throughout four short years, we have to make potentially life-changing decisions on what we spend our limited time on, but it doesn’t seem to make sense to put the weight of those choices on teenagers without any guidance. The statistics support this: of the 15.3 million American high schoolers, 50% do not feel prepared for college. 84% want to attend college, but only 68% expect they will- meaning that high schoolers have the aspirations and intentions, but might not follow through with them.

We bring to you Oppordemic, a platform that addresses the problem by providing individualized guidance to students throughout high school, assisting them through cultivating potential and existing interests. Students take a personalized survey and are presented with a unique list of opportunities that will best guide them through the process of professional and personal development. In addition to helping match students with the best-fit activities, Oppordemic uses analytics behind users’ stated interests, chosen activities, and performance at those activities to create and present personalized, AI-generated “growth plans,” helping high school students realize their full potential. 

This is our MVP, with our exciting official launch coming up soon!

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